JOHN BARRY LTD was founded in 1850 and is one of the country's longest established
companies manufacturing paper disposable products.

  Quality & Consistency

We have invested heavily in the most modern production machinery available. This enables us to produce products of a very high quality and consistency and react quickly to customer needs.

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    Personal Service

As a family run business we are able to offer our customers a personal service. Our 150 years experience assures that this service is of the highest level.

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All products carry soft tissue standard certification and are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit the needs that you require.   

Centre Pull Rolls

Strong and absorbent, Centre Pull Rolls provide excellent drying and wiping properties in kitchens, washrooms and many other areas. They are available in either White or Blue, 1, 2 & 3 ply and in various widths. Our range is comprehensive. All multi ply products are edge embossed and perforated.
Every Centre Pull has an easily removable core for quick and easy changes.

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Wiper Rolls

Wiper Rolls have a multitude of uses. In industrial and engineering premises, garages and workshops they provide an efficient, hygienic and cost effective alternative to rags and other more traditional wiping methods. Manufactured
in 1, 2 and 3 ply White and Blue and in several widths. All multi ply Wiper Rolls are edge embossed and perforated.

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Hygiene Rolls

Produced in 2 ply White and Blue and a heavy duty 3 ply Blue and all rolls are perforated and edge embossed. These absorbent wipes have good strength when wet. The smaller 10 inch rolls are ideal for general wiping in kitchens, laboratories, surgeries etc. and can be used with or without a dispenser. The larger 20 inch rolls are most often used for covering medical couches and work or desk surfaces. White rolls are wrapped in clear polythene bags

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Jumbo & Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls

We manufacture a full range of Mini, Midi & Jumbo Toilet Rolls on 2 1/4 inch and 3 inch cores. All Jumbos are produced from high quality recycled paper, perforated and edge embossed. These systems give excellent value and combined with a comprehensive range of dispensers provide the benefit of low maintenance. Our toilet tissue range is completed with System products and Conventional Toilet Rolls below.

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Folded Hand Towels & Roll Towels

A most cost effective method of hand drying is by individual heavy weight towels. Our range comprises of both C-Fold, Z Fold and Inter Fold Towels. All are produced in heavily embossed Green, Blue and White recycled paper. Roll Towels are manufactured from the same heavy paper as our folded towels giving them a tough feel. For the luxury market we supply a soft 2 ply white towel.

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System Toilet Tissue

Where more control is required we offer a variety of toilet tissue dispenser systems. Bulk Pack is a traditional top up dispenser ensuring the product does not run out and supplied in 1 or 2 ply. Other system formats include Matic 2 roll, Micro Jumbos, Coreless and System 71.

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Conventional Toilet Rolls

A well presented economical range of soft standard conventional toilet tissue in 200, 320 and 240 sheet rolls in 2 and 3 ply format. The 200 and 320 sheet rolls are brightly wrapped in packs of 4 with an outer containing 36 rolls. Our 240 sheet product has a tastefully designed wrap and is available as a soft white 2 ply and a premium 3 ply. Both have outers of 36 rolls. We only use high quality tissue manufactured to CHSA Standards.

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